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 Software Quality

   Art of Software Support, The, 1/e

© 1998 / ISBN: 0-13-569450-7

Francoise Tourniaire   Oakland, California

Richard Farrell   Oakland, California

   Customer Oriented Software Quality Assurance, 1/e

© 1998 / ISBN: 0-13-571464-8

Frank P. Ginac   Pflugerville, Texas

   Dare to be Excellent: Case Studies of Software Engineering Practices That Work, 1/e

© 1999 / ISBN: 0-13-081156-4

Alka Jarvis   Palo Alto, California

Linda Hayes   Dallas, Texas

   Handbook of Software Quality Assurance, The, 3/e

© 1999 / ISBN: 0-13-010470-1

G. Gordon Schulmeyer   Lothian, Maryland

James I. Mcmanus   Ellicott City, Maryland

   Inroads to Software Quality: "How to" Guide and Toolkit, 1/e

© 1997 / ISBN: 0-13-238403-5

Alka Jarvis   UC at Berkeley and Santa Cruz

Vern Crandall  

   Software RX: Secrets of Engineering Quality Software, 1/e

© 1997 / ISBN: 0-13-472663-4

Rodney C. Wilson   Cadence Design Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA

   Software Release Methodology, 1/e

© 1999 / ISBN: 0-13-636564-7

Michael E. Bays   Campbell, California

   Software Runaways: Monumental Software Disasters, 1/e

© 1998 / ISBN: 0-13-673443-X

Robert L. Glass   Bloomington, Indiana



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